Course Topics

The Succeed in Marriage course covers a range of topics that not only will enable you and your partner to see your relationship from a different perspective, but also equip you with what you need to make your relationship what you’ve always wanted it to be.

These hot topics include:

The Key to Problem-Solving

Did you know that there are ten steps that you can take to solve relationship problems?

The Real Root of Divorce and Unhappy Marriages

Understanding this teaching and absorbing it into your marriage can single-handedly change your marriage forever.

How Men and Women Are Wired

Everyone is different, and the assertions here are not meant to stereotype anyone. Still, take what applies to you and let this lesson help you know yourself and your partner better.

Run Your Marriage Like a Business

A marriage is naturally full of emotions, but for it to function successfully, it needs to be run much like a business. Why? Find out during this session.

Maintaining Your Marriage After the Course

Did you know that there are 27 tools to fix and maintain your marriage? Find out what they are in this session.

How to Make Your Marriage Bulletproof

Because it’s constantly under attack, your marriage needs to be shielded! It’s better to prevent something than to heal it.