Marriage Course



What’s The Marriage Course about?

The Bulletproof Marriage course covers a range of topics that not only will enable you and your partner to see your relationship from a different perspective, but also equip you with what you need to make your relationship what you’ve always wanted it to be.

These topics include:

 Hard work is required for a successful marriage

How do you deal with arising challenges?

Tackling external challenges may prove a little more complicated however, we must do whatever it takes to overcome the internal ones.

The Key to Problem-Solving

Imagine if you treated your marriage like a business. You will then be able to solve the many problems that arise in the most practical way.

This session will help you and your partner become effective problem-solvers, leading you both in the direction of a successful marriage.

The Real Root of Divorce and Unhappy Marriages

We know that prevention is better than cure, but what if divorce is inevitable because both partners have reached the point of giving up? Why does God allow this to happen?

We shall touch on this sensitive topic to provide more insight on why divorce happens and how you can prevent it.

How Men and Women are Wired

Men and women may be different, but these differences do not always need to be problematic.
Throughout this session, we shall explore these differences and how you can better understand and meet each other’s needs.

27 Tools to Fix and Maintain Your Marriage – Part 1

These two sessions will explore 27 practical tips (tools) on how to love with intelligence. Open your toolbox in preparation to apply additional values that will strengthen your relationship in the right manner.


27 Tools to Fix and Maintain Your Marriage – Part 2

Expect to have ups and downs in your relationship. Both partners come with their own emotional baggage, personality differences, preferences and expectations.
Get ready for part 2 of the 27 tools to fix and maintain your marriage.

The Key To Everything That Has Been Taught Up To This Point 

Baggage, personality differences, tastes, expectations…all these and more set the stage for problems to creep up in a relationship. If you don’t know how to handle these differences, they remain unresolved putting your relationship at risk. Get your notepad and pen ready for this session to write down these valuable tips.