Marriage Course



Willan and Bruna

“I grew up witnessing my father betraying my mother, due to this there were many fights that took place in my household. I used to hate my father because of what he had done to my mother I grew up with resentment.

After many problematic moments in their relationship, my mother had enough and sought to seek help, that was when everything changed for the best. She gained the courage to forgive my father who also received the same support to change.

Seeing the transformation in my parent’s marriage, motivated me to change too. Today I can say that my parents are a good example of intelligent love. I’m thankful to learn from their mistakes and avoid sorrow in my love life.” Pastor Willian

“My parents separated when I wasn’t even born, growing up I would sometimes live with my stepmother or stepfather my household was quite unsettled. Witnessing one failed relationship after another, this didn’t leave a good reference for me to follow.

My mother was the first to seek help as she started attending the Universal Church and invited me to attend with her. Attending built up hope in me that even though I didn’t have a good reference to follow in my past I could still learn to have a healthy relationship.

We had some common challenges at the beginning of our marriage such as; poor communication, insecurities, and lack of affection. However, we were able to solve our problems because of the lessons we learned at the Love Therapy seminar.” Mrs. Bruna

Today, we have been married for 13 years. After all that we have experienced – the pain and the healing – we have made it our life mission to help others in their love lives. It is our passion to encourage and equip couples and singles on the rewarding concept of intelligent love so that they too can secure their relationships for the long term.

We believe in love, we believe in marriage and, we believe in you!