Host: Pastor James and Karina Martins

My love life was non-existent. Despite always being with someone, none of my relationships were serious. It was a real disaster!

Karina and I didn’t have any good examples of a successful marriage from our parents, but the understanding of intelligent love changed the course of our lives. At the beginning of our marriage, we faced problems like any couple does, but we fought together.

We made mistakes and we learnt together, and thanks to God, we have the blessing of the Author of love in our lives! Today, we have the honourable mission of teaching intelligent love and its precious tools every Thursday.

Intelligent love is true love! The “love” that is based purely on emotions and feelings has a very short shelf life. Whoever allows this kind of “love” to lead their life will certainly experience the inevitable frustrations caused by the deceptions of the heart.

James and Karina

Co-host: Pastor Oliver and Narlet Oliveira 

We met in 1998 at the age of 17 and got married at the age of 21. We came from different backgrounds and were brought up in two different ways, but none of that impeded us from becoming better as individuals and as a couple. We’ve been succeeding in our relationship because we have used the right tools to deal with every situation and obstacle that have risen  throughout the years. Every year has brought new learning experiences, which have made our love and friendship grow stronger. This year we completed 17 years of marriage, during which we have helped couples and families in Brazil, Portugal and England.