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Registration Form

ABOUT THE COURSE – ‘The Bulletproof Marriage Course’ is based on and follows the syllabus of the marriage course by Bishop Renato Cardoso, a certified marriage counsellor, international author, and TV personality. His Bible inspired course, designed for couples who are married, engaged to be married, cohabiting, or dating, has assisted couples all over the world achieve exceptional results and we are confident that it will benefit you and your partner too.

The course will take place over a period of 7 weeks, on Tuesdays at 7.30pm with a duration of 75 to 90 minutes per class, starting Tuesday 3 October 2023. Participating couples must be over 18 years of age and are required to attend the series of 7 Tuesdays together. The course will be delivered by a consecrated married Pastor, from our headquarters in Finsbury Park – Rainbow Theatre, 232 Seven Sisters Road, London N4 3NX – and broadcast via weblink to all participating branches nationwide.

Course registration and participation is subject to a contribution of £30 per couple to cover all course related costs, provision, and printing of all course materials, in addition, a payment of £70 would be required to cover the cost for the dinner (which is optional) payment can only be done in person at your local Universal Church please visit the following link for addresses:

Register your interest in the Marriage Course today and our Love Team will get in contact with you.

Please, note that the Marriage Course is only available for UK residents only.  

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Course materials will include a folder and individual pages for each class, all professionally printed. The folder will be handed to all participants at the start of the course, and individual pages for the classes on the day each class takes place. The contribution of £30 per couple to cover all course related costs, providing and printing all course materials will need to be made on the day they register for the course, in cash or card.

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We use our best endeavours to provide up to date and accurate information in the course as of the date of this form. However, you acknowledge and agree that:


  • The course is not intended to constitute a definitive or complete statement of the law on any subject nor is any part of the course content intended to constitute legal advice for any specific situation.


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